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Analogue Chronotachograph SE2300

New Generation Modular Analogue Chronotachograph SE2300 Non-EEC
(Compliance United Nations & EMC)

”’The SE2300 tachograph encompasses the most reliable technology available. Tried and tested in climates of -20°C to +70°C, it is a simple and reliable tachograph suitable for use in most vehicles not requiring digital technology. A very cost-effective solution for recording vehicle and driver activities., including speeds, distance travelled, times, activities (drive, other work, passive work, rest, etc).

Guaranteed for 2 years with unlimited mileage, the SE2300 comes in a 12v or 24v version. It is a robust, strong tachograph providing all the required information needed to fulfil your statutory obligations in non-EEC countries. Its appearance makes it one of the most user friendly analogues tachograph on the market today.

The modular SE2300 can be incorporated into the dashboard or surface mounted with approved bracketry. Being radio- shaped it is ultra versatile, very accurate and very easy to use. The SE2300 accommodates tachograph charts for 2 drivers if required making driver and vehicle recording easy and very accurate over any 24 hour period.

The Chrono tachograph SE2300 has been developed according to the new standards of technology, performance and design thanks to the separation of its display module and its elements of recordings.

The instantaneous speed, the distance travelled and the activities of the driver plus the co-driver such as driving, what’s more, working and rest time are recorded on a conventional chart record. The date, time, distance and diagnostic codes are communicated via the LCD display.

The speed is also indicated on the LCD display or via any other display module integrated in the vehicle dashboard. The SE2300 will interface with all types of sensor for the calculation of speed and distance.

Lastly responding to African and European requirements, the car radio format of the SE2300 allows it to be easily integrated into the most advanced and modern day cab designs.

  • Automatic signalling using accurate and clear LED displays
  • Large user friendly LCD screen display
  • Buzzer warning
  • Tilting drawer for easy access to insert and change driver’s charts
  • Lockable drawer to accommodate charts/discs for 2 drivers
  • Unlockable by ignition key only
  • Real Time Clock display and battery
  • Automatic positioning of charts/discs to exactly correspond with the displayed time
  • Automatic change of recording time and cut-off time after 24 hours
  • Client specific LCD colour displays
  • CAN bus interface
  • Records events and PRM engine revolutions
  • Serial COM interface

SE2300 Tachograph User Instructions

Opening the Chrono Tachograph SE2300 Front Drawer
(* The vehicle MUST be stationary *)

A. Press the Eject Button until the SE2300 sends a “bip” sound. B. The LED lights will flash alternately until the Front Drawer is open. Gently pull out the Front Drawer until fully open.

Changing the Driver’s Charts / Discs

A. Insert chart/disc of 2nd Driver under the black plastic plate, as per photograph .

B. Then insert the 1st Driver’s chart/disc on top of the black plastic plate and UNDER the tabs.

C. If utilising 1 driver, insert Driver 1 chart/disc under the tabs.

When the charts/discs are inside the SE2300, please ensure the drawer is fully closed and locked in place. The SE2300 Tachograph is now ready to use!

SE2300 Tachograph Technical Specifications

The New Generation Modular SE2300 Chrono Tachograph, 12v or 24v

1. Technical Specifications Dimensions for Installation Purposes (in mm’s)

2. General Technical Specifications

Temperature Range: -20°C to +70°C
. Input Voltage:
 24VDC (12VDC). Consumption:
 220mA@24VDC. Pulse Interval:
 2000-25000 pulses/km. Input/Output: Speed Sensor
, Interface Programming K-Line, Speed Pulse
 & Meter Speed 4 pulse/metre. Accuracy: Speed: +/- 3kms/hr.
Accuracy: Speed: +/- 3kms/hr. Distance: +/- 1%. Time: +/- 5 seconds/day. Weight:
 1350g. Options:
 Interface Series, Interface CANbus (ISO 16844). Recoding Events, RPM. Mounting Brackets: 
 Mounting bracket in accordance with ISO 7736 required for installation.