Digital tachograph Information

Safeguarding Commercial Traffic By Respecting Regulations And Fostering Road Safety

History & Foundation - Newest Version EFAS SE

More than 15 years of experience in digital tachographs.

First fully working prototype of EFAS
(Predecessor TRION-Technology AG)

DG 100 cooperation with Grundig
(Predecessor ELCON-mobility)

EFAS – 3 compliment with EU-Regulations
(Predecessor EFKON AG)

EFAS 4 – Tachograph
(intellect GmbH)

EFAS 4.2-2nd Generation Eu Tachnograph
(intellect Gmbh)

EFAS 4 RUS – Tachograph with NCM Kryptomodule / GLONASS
(intellect GmbH)

EFAS 4 SE – Tachograph
Symbolic BT-Dongle
(intellect GmbH)

EFAS BT-Dongle & EFAS Drive App (intellect GmbH)

Digital Tachograph - EFAS 4SE

Highlights of Intellic Digital Tachograph EFAS 4SE


  • iCounter calculates driving and rest times per shift, per week and fortnight.
  • Also while driving iCounter informs the driver about actual status and upcoming necessary change of activity.
  • iCounter supports efficient routing, logistics and disposition.

1-Minute Rule –

  • Drivers can optimize their driving time day to day. Activity per minute is calculated according to the EU-regulation 1266/2009.

One4all – High Flexible and Adjustable Digital Tachographs for Various Vehicle Types –

  • Automatic setup wizard simplifies the CAN bus parameterization once the tachograph is plugged.
  • The EFAS Service Tool (EST) software enables easy adjustment of parameters. EST is free of charge to EFAS workshops.
  • Wide range power supply supports all vehicle types (12V and 24V) and simplifies warehouse management.


High Performance and Improved Handling –

  • Enhanced usability, software functionality and CAN connectivity.
  • EFAS 4SE supports rapid data download time.
  • Rapid card reading and writing and quick card release.
  • Easy change of language (e.g. switch to default language by pressing only one button).
  • Enhanced manual entry supports the driver and saves time.

Connectivity and Compatibility –

  • Standardized remote download of FMS data via second CAN interface (telematics and fleet management).
  • Standard tachograph service interface, easy accessible at tachograph front side with protective cap.
  • Engine speed input (RPM), alternatively usable as IMS-input with adjustable switching threshold.
  • Full compatibility with leading accessory tools and workshop equipment.

Digital Tachograph – EFAS 4SE – Technical Data Sheet –

Special Features –

  • iCounter calculates driving/rest times per shift/week/fortnight. Even whilst driving, it informs the driver about upcoming change of activity and their duration.
  • 1-minute rule – activity per minute is calculated according to the EU-regulation 1266/2009.
  • Comprehensive implementation of EU-Regulation 1266/2009.
  • Supports Fleet Management System (FMS) interface (Version 2 or higher).
  • Remote data download via vehicle bus.
  • Automatic Setup Assistant.

Interfaces –

  • Parameters can be set via different interfaces.
  • Interface for motion senor.
  • Can interface for connecting to the on-board electronics.
  • CAN interface to verity IMS-modules.
  • Second Can interface for adoption of telematics and fleet management systems (e.g.) for remote download via FMS).
  • Configuration K-line interface and info-interface.
  • 6-pin standard front interface for calibration, diagnosis and data download, compatible with leading 3rd party tools and devices.
  • Engine speed input (rpm), alternatively usable as IMS-input with adjustable switching threshold.
  • Three speed-pulse-outputs (one of them independent configurable).
  • Two digital status inputs D1/D2 (logging of user-specific events).
  • Signal interface for output of tachograph warnings.

Power Supply –

  • Power supply range: 8 to 34V.
  • Operating power Consumption: 70mA@24V (max.), 120mA@12V (max.).
  • Power consumption on standby: 2.5 mA@24V (max.), 5mA@12V (max.).

Vehicle Integration –

  • Standard Can bus communication according to ISO 16844 (road vehicle – tachograph systems)
  • CAN ISO 15765 (diagnostic communication over Controller Area Network)
  • Automatic CAN bus adaption at installation
  • Adjustable CAN speed (250, 500 kbps), Can MIX operation 11/29-Bit identifier.
  • Switchable CAN termination integrated (120Ω)
  • K-Line/RS 232 with diagnostic functions according to ISO14229 (UDS – Unified diagnostic services) and ISO 14230 (Diagnostic communication over K-line).

System Features –

  • 128×24 pixel Dot-Matrix Display which allows to display2x16 characters.
  • 2 automatically controlled card readers.
  • Standard radio slot size according to ISO 7736.
  • Maximum state of the art protection against manipulation.
  • Maximum system reliability.
  • Conforms with EU certification standards.
  • High-precision real time-clock.
  • Parameters can be set via different interfaces.

Language Features –

  • Automatic detection of the cardholder’s national language.
  • 27 languages installed.
  • Additional languages available can be loaded on request.
  • Display messages available can be loaded on request.
  • Easy change of language.

Technical Data –

  • Dimensions of front panel (W x H): 186mm x 58mm.
  • Protection class of device front after installation: IP54.
  • Protection class of device rear: IP40.
  • Operational temperature range: -25°C to +80°C.
  • Storage temperature range: -40°C to +85°C.
  • Operational printer temperature: -10°C to +60°C.
  • Weight: 1070g.

Front and Rear View –  

The Tachograph System

EFAS Standard Packaging Unit

Scope of Delivery –

  • EFAS tachograph; including EFAS printer and roll of certified EFAS tachograph paper.
  • User-manual and Quick Guide.
  • Assembly-frame for mountain into DIN-slot; wo assembly brackets for removal from DIN-slot.
  • Protection-cover for rear connectors incl. screw, seal and seal-fastener.
  • Rubber-cover for the rear screw thread.
  • Environmentally-friendly cardboard box.