Includes the
CT2 Handheld Programmer & Tester

Suitable for ALL digital and analogue tachographs & speed limiters


The CT2 Handheld Programmer & Tester

& all connections to the CT2 Rolling Road Including braking system

the Rontom CT2 Handheld Programmer
with Cable connection to CT2 Rolling Road
* Suitable for ALL tachographs; Speedometers; Speed Limiters, etc *

Optional Extra

Approach Ramps (for surface mounted installations)

Rolling Road Installation Instructions:

  • The Rolling road comes in 4 sections. Each section is bolted down individually.
  • Simply decide where it is to be located and bolt one front section down with 4 raw bolts, supplied.
  • Use the centre plate, supplied, to position the other front section. Ensure both sections are square.
  • When happy with the positioning, bolt down with 4 raw bolts, supplied.
  • The back set are the same but use 6 raw bolts, supplied. A template bracket is used for positioning.
  • The CT2 Rolling Road can be installed above the ground surface (with approach ramps) or sunken below ground surface, as per the photographs.

Rolling road dimensions:

1) rear set 1.2 metres x 1 metre x 240 mm high.
2) front set 1 metre x 1 metre x 240 mm high.
3) Optional – Ramps – 1.9m (L) x 1.2m (W) x 0.3m (H)
Total weight: 1060 kilos approx.

They each fit on a standard pallet.
– Front 2 sets on one pallet, banded and shrink wrapped.
– Back 2 sets on one pallet, banded and shrink wrapped

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