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  For all UK enquiries, please contact the official UK distributor Aquila Electronics at:

Aquila will be very pleased to assist all UK customers with their M12 taximeter requirements.

The M12 Mirror Taximeter


  • Multi-Tariff Options
  • Multi-Currency Options
  • MID Certification
  • EEC Approval Certification
  • Printer Connection
  • POS Connection
  • ATS Connection

The CR-01 Printer


  • Fiscal Memory
  • Detailed Recording
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Multi-Tariff Printouts


The Programmer is used for loading new data programs onto the Taximeter and Printer. Simple and quick to use.

Setup Device

The Setup Device is used for setting up the Taximeter with its parameters, including the Tariff Installations.  It can be loaded with 5 different tariffs at one time.   Simple and quick to use.

Bluetooth Unit

The Bluetooth Unit is used for integration between the Dispatching Systems, Car Computers or any other Tablet having Bluetooth capability. Particularly useful when taximeter data needs to be displayed on a screen or forwarded on.

Any Bluetooth device can receive data from the M12 Mirror Taximeter.  All protocol for Bluetooth communications will be provided.

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