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VDO Instruments have long been the industry’s choice for high quality, high reliability, high performance, elegantly designed, and leading-edge technology parts. Their innovation, functionality, and durability have also earned VDO the best-in-class reputation for instrumentation worldwide. VDO gauges, sensors, switches, tachometers, speedometers, voltmeters, senders, etc., offer the solution to all your instrumentational and vehicle electronic requirements. Regardless of which gauge, sensor, switch, etc., you choose, you can count on the VDO tradition of excellence for rock-solid reliability, attention to detail, fitment, and finish.

Using the expertise that VDO has gained in developing solutions for many of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers, VDO offers a large portfolio of pressure and temperature sensors.

Unlike many companies today, VDO manufactures their own sensors in their own ISO and TSO registered facilities, using the same quality materials, engineering processes, and quality standards as their other OE products.

Furthermore, the VDO sensor range includes pressure sensors and switches, temperature sensors and switches, speed, RPM and rotational sensors, and position sensors. VDO pressure and temperature sensors are engineered to deliver maximum performance for years of trouble-free service. 

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